Respiratory Therapy School

A Career in Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy is a health care specialty that focuses on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation of patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Respiratory therapists provide treatment that can range from giving emergency relief to patients with asthma to long-term care for chronic conditions such as emphysema.

Although hospitals will continue to employ the vast majority of Respiratory Therapists, a growing number can expect to work outside of hospitals in home healthcare services, offices of physicians or other health practitioners or consumer goods rental firms. Home healthcare in particular is a bright spot on the horizon due to technological advances that permit complex respiratory therapy care to be administered in the home.



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Respiratory Therapy School Program Description

When you become a respiratory therapy school student at Pima, you’ll develop professional skills in advanced respiratory care techniques, including neonatal and adult special care procedures, general and advanced pharmacology, cardiopulmonary disease, patient assessment and therapeutics.