Dona Ana Branch Community College (Las Cruces)

Respiratory Therapy Program
Associate of Applied Science Degree
(575) 527-7607

Program Admissions Criteria

Respiratory Therapy is a limited-entry program. The following items are among the criteria considered in the selection of successful program applicants:


Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test scores care curriculum

Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better

Completion of the following courses:

CHEM 110G: Principles and Applications of Chemistry – 4 cr. (3+3P)

A survey of the properties and uses of the elements and their compounds. In addition to classical chemistry, attention is paid to the materials form which consumer products are made, to the production of energy, and to environmental considerations. Prerequisite: 3 years of high school math or CCDM 114N. – Principles and Applications of Chemistry


Math 120 or OEHO 116: Math for Health Occupations – 3 cr.

Principles of math and pharmacology necessary for administration of medications. Prerequisite(s): CCDM 114N or equivalent. Restricted to: All Community Colleges. – Math for Health Occupations


BIOL 225 or BIOL  153: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 cr. (3+3P)

Study of human anatomy and physiology. Prerequisite: high school biology or high school chemistry, or CHEM 110G, or consent of instructor.  – Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology I


BIOL 226 or BIOL 154: Introduction of Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 cr. (3+3P)

Continuation of BIOL 225 or 153. Prerequisites: CHEM 110G or BIOL 153 OR 225, or consent of instructor. – Introduction to Anatomy or Physiology II


BIOL 221 and BIOL 221L: Microbiology for Health Occupations – 4 cr. (3+3P)

Study of the relationship between pathogenic organisms and disease processes. Prerequisites: high school biology and high school chemistry, CHEM 110G, and BIOL 225 or 153, or equivalent or consent of instructor. Corequisite: BIOL 226 or 154 or equivalent.  – Microbiology for Health Occupations

A complete list is included in the application packet, available at the Respiratory Therapy program office in room 191 (phone: 527-7607).


Requirements to Participate in Clinical Practice

Clinical course work is required for completion of this program. Upon admittance and throughout the program, students will be required to meet requirements of each clinical site in order to complete the required course work. Requirements include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Background check through the designated college affiliate (adverse findings may disqualify a student from continuing in the program)
  2. Current CPR certification
  3. Current TB test
  4. Titers of immunizations for MMR, Hepatitis B, Vericella, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Influenza
  5. Drug screening


NOTE: In majority of cases, continuing employment in the field is contingent upon successful