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Respiratory Therapy Program
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Information based on the 2009-10 DACC Catalog
Respiratory Therapy is an allied health specialty encompassing the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of problems affecting the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Respiratory Therapy practitioners work side-by-side with physicians, and other healthcare professionals in the hospital setting. They set up oxygen, perform pulmonary function testing, maintain ventilators, administer respiratory drugs, and evaluate patient health status. Respiratory therapy is a rapidly growing, people-oriented profession. The demand for practitioners is increasing in New Mexico and throughout the United States. While most graduates continue to find employment in hospitals, opportunities are opening up with medical equipment suppliers and agencies providing home health care to pulmonary patients……. But wait, there’s more! –>

Respiratory therapists are the only allied health care providers formally trained and tested to provide respiratory care and use highly complex technical medical equipment. The job market and salaries are excellent for this health care field. Respiratory Therapists work with other health professionals to prevent cardiopulmonary problems and in the care of adults and children with acute and chronic cardiopulmonary disorders. They are employed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, home care agencies, long term care facilities, and medical equipment suppliers…………….But wait, there’s more! –>

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Respiratory therapy is a health care specialty that focuses on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation of patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Respiratory therapists provide treatment that can range from giving emergency relief to patients with asthma to long-term care for chronic conditions such as emphysema.

Although hospitals will continue to employ the vast majority of Respiratory Therapists, a growing number can expect to work outside of hospitals in home healthcare services, offices of physicians or other health practitioners or consumer goods rental firms. Home healthcare in particular is a bright spot on the horizon due to technological advances that permit complex respiratory therapy care to be administered in the home.


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Respiratory Therapy Program
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The Respiratory Therapy Program will be housed at the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC), a state-of-the-art simulated “hospital” in the new 13,900 sq. ft. building and the upcoming 14,900 sq. ft. phase 2 building at the Main Campus. The Simulation Center is equipped with ER, ICU, OR, 2 Skills Lab., Medical Laboratory and classrooms with advanced audio-visual technology. The Medical Laboratory offers training in clinical laboratory science such as hematology, chemistry, immunology, microbiology, immunohematology, clinical microscopy and blood gas studies. Surgical Technology, Medical Laboratory and Emergency Medical Services programs are also conducting classes in this building…….. But wait, there’s more! –>

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